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Rules and Regulations: Index Page


Rules and Regulations


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The Help Desk operates during the following hours:

Dates Mondays - Fridays Saturdays- Sundays Public Holidays
1 - 30 September 2021 10.00am - 1.30pm 10.00am - 1.30pm Closed






Associate Membership is open to the following persons:




Outsiders who are associated with the Keypath Programmes of Sunway University




Staff of Sunway Group of Companies participating in research with Sunway Education Group, e.g. ASLI, Sunway Medical Centre




Other persons approved by Sunway Education Group Management






Online Application Forms for Associate Membership are available from Home Page. Photos may be submitted with the application form




Library cards are processed within three working days.




New members can collect their cards from the Service Counter




Photo of member may be taken by staff at the Service Counter for the Facial Recognition System.




A letter of undertaking stating full responsibility for any fines, lost books and infringement of library rules and regulations by the associate member is required from the relevant Head of Department of the Sunway Education Group requesting for approval of membership.




This membership must be renewed annually. Please request for renewal if it is still needed.





Associate Members are allowed the following privileges:




Loan of 4 books from the Library collections, except text-books and restricted collections, for a period of 1 month





Remote access of E-databases subscribed by the Library




Document Delivery service, upon payment of relevant charges and fees.




Borrow AV materials for viewing within the Library




Facilities closed to Associate Members

  • IT facilities
  • Reserve Collection.
  • Reciprocal Borrowing Programme with Monash University Malaysia Library





All library’s rules and regulations apply.








Library reserves the right to terminate membership of an Associated Member who is in flagrant breach of library rules.




An Associate Member shall have the right to terminate his/her membership at any time.






Public membership is open to the following general public to apply as library members:

  1. Standard Public Membership: Open to members of public (except students of colleges and universities).
  2. Temporary Membership: Open to Sunway students whose membership has expired and awaiting enrolment.
  3. Visiting Scholars and Researchers: Open to bona fide scholars and researchers (evidence of research being undertaken).
  4. Corporate Membership: Open to companies, societies, institutions, etc.
  5. Spouses of Sunway Campus Staff: Open to spouses of fulltime Sunway Campus staff

  1. Application
  1. Online Application Forms for Public Membership are available from Home Page.
  2. Once membership application has been approved, further instructions on supplying a photograph and payment of fees and deposits (if any) will be informed to the applicant.
  3. Library cards will be given only to members which allow to borrow library books. New members may collect their cards from the Service Counter.
  4. Photo of member may be taken by staff at the Service Counter for the Facial Recognition System.
  5. This membership must be renewed annually, except for Temporary membership and Visiting Scholars and Researchers which required monthly renewal. Please request for renewal if it is still needed.

  1. Privileges

Type of Membership

Loan Eligibility

Book Collections


Loan Period

Standard Public

2 books (except textbook loan)

30 days

Access to all collections


No Loans

Visiting Scholars and Researchers

No Loans


2 books per representative (except textbook loan)

30 days


2 books (except textbook loan)

30 days


All library’s rules and regulations apply.

  1. Library reserves the right to terminate membership of Public Members who is in flagrant breach of library rules.
  2. All annual Public Memberships are renewed yearly, except when informed earlier by members that they wish to terminate membership. Members will be notified at least one [1] month before expiry of membership.



Membership:  Membership is open on application to academic and administrative staff and registered students from both Sunway University/Sunway College KL and Monash University Malaysia, as well as exchange students from Monash University. The following categories will be excluded:  external members, part-time research assistants and alumni. No fees or deposits will be required. Reciprocal borrowing membership is for one calendar year, January-December.   All membership expires on 31 December of the given calendar year.



Home Library: the library of the institution to which a user belongs.

Host Library: the library which is visited and which provides the service.



Users will be registered in the Program upon completion of a membership registration form and any other documentation which may be required by the Library.  Registration will take place at the Home Library.  By the act of registration and the signing of the membership registration form, users agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Host Library in addition to those of the Program.


Reciprocal Borrower Privileges


No of books

Loan Period

Academic staff


1 month

Administrative staff


1 month



2 weeks


No items can be loaned from the Reserve (24-hour loans), Short-Term textbooks (1 week) or AV Collections.  Only two renewals will be allowed for reciprocal borrowers.

Reciprocal borrowers may have access to the subscribed databases of the Host Library through the visitor’s terminal only.   Priority will be given to use of facilities in the Host Library by the Host institution’s staff and students.  Some facilities at the Host Library will also not be available to reciprocal borrowers as decided by the Host Library.


Fines & Penalties

Fines of RM1 per book per day will be imposed for late returns of library materials (from 1st to 30th day) by all reciprocal borrowers. After 30 days the item is deemed lost, and the user will be blocked from borrowing library materials or renewing loans. The user will be requested to pay fines as listed below.

Fines will be imposed for lost items (either reported by the borrower or deemed lost as above)

  • Minimum fine of RM60.00 per book
  • Plus overdue fines
  • Plus actual cost of replacing the item (price of item, freight charges)
  • Bill will be sent to borrower

In cases of overdue items, the Host Library will inform the user's Home Library when the user is delinquent.  The Home Library will block its own delinquent users until all outstanding items/fines have been paid.

In cases of overdue items and fines owed by its own institution’s users, the Home Library will inform the Host Library to also block these users until all outstanding items/fines have been paid.

In cases of alleged breaches of behavioral requirements, the Host Library shall be entitled to withdraw privileges extended to the user and to report the breach to the Home Library. Privileges may remain withdrawn until the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Host Library.



A clearance is generated when the user has resolved the matter for which they were suspended by returning overdue items and/or paying outstanding fines and associated charges, or resolving disciplinary breach.


Clearance Standard

  1. User resolves suspension Monday to Thursday = clearance generated within 24 Hours
  2. User resolves suspension Friday to Sunday = clearance generated by the following Monday


Termination of Membership

Termination of reciprocal borrowing membership of reciprocal borrowers will be affected by the Host Library upon:

  • A request for withdrawal of membership by the reciprocal borrower
  • Expiry of reciprocal membership for more than 6 months
  • Being informed by the Home Library of the withdrawal of students from the Home Institution
  • Resignation by or termination of employment of staff of the Home institution



The Host Library will check the members’ account for outstanding fines and library items and notify the Home Library.



1.   These library rules are established to support efficient services to all users.  They ensure that all Library resources and facilities are used properly for the common good of all.  Library users are expected to be considerate and responsible.

Please read and note these rules and regulations governing privileges.  Any user who breaches these rules and regulations is liable to fines as well as suspension of membership.  Serious breaches are also submitted to the relevant authorities including Sunway University, Sunway College KL and Sunway Le Cordon Bleu (SLCB) Administrations for further appropriate action.

1.1          Library members must show their student/staff cards upon request from Library staff.

1.2          IDs and Membership cards are non-transferable.

1.3          Loss of student or staff cards should be reported to the Library immediately.  Failure to do so will lead to users being held responsible for loans made by others using their cards.

1.4          All library materials taken out of the Library must be properly checked out at the Service Counter or at the Self-Check Machine.

1.5          Library staff on duty reserves the right to check books, files and bags that are being taken out of the Library.

1.6          Playing games, littering, playing cards and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the Library.

1.7          Food and drinks (except water) are not allowed to be brought into the Library.

1.8          Library users must treat library materials with due care and consideration. Library users will be held responsible for items that are damaged, mutilated or lost while on loan to them.

1.9          Library users are expected to take care of all personal belongings brought into the Library. The Library will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to library users’ personal belongings.

1.10        Library users may not photocopy more than 10% of a publication that is specifically copyrighted.

1.11        Library users, who photocopy materials, are fully responsible for any action contravening the COPYRIGHT ACT.

1.12        Users are not allowed to remove library furniture and equipment from their original places.

1.13        Any user, whose behaviour may be deemed to be disturbing the peace of the Library, may be asked to leave the premises.

1.14        Children who are below 12 years of age are not allowed into the Library.

1.15       Mobile phones must be put on silent mode. Talking on mobile phones in the Library is not allowed, except in the Drink and Phone Area.

1.16       Reservation of seats or computers is strictly forbidden. Items left unattended on tables and chairs for more than 20 minutes will be removed to release seats for other users. The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage to these removed belongings.

1.17        During Movement Control Order (MCO), users are to adhere to the following:

       1.17.1   Practice physical distancing of 1 meter apart and do not socialize in groups in the Library.

       1.17.2   Wear face mask at all times in the Library.

       1.17.3   Maintain good personal hygiene at all times such as frequent hand washing with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

       1.17.4   User may sit only on chairs marked for seating.

1.18        Violation of Library Rules & Regulations can result in the following penalties being imposed on users:

1.18.1    Being asked to leave the Library.

1.18.2    Not being allowed to enter and use the Library facilities for a specified period of time.

1.18.3    Having their borrowing eligibility being suspended.

1.18.4    Being referred to the Disciplinary Authorities of Sun-U, SCKL and SLCB.


2.   LOANS

General Rules

2.1  Academic staff preparing to go on study or sabbatical leave outside the country for a period of more than 3 months are required to return all materials borrowed from the Library.



I           General Penalties



No valid membership ID or student identification

Not permitted to use Library facilities and services except with prior permission from Chief Librarian


Lending of Library Membership ID to


First offence:

For 2nd offence and onwards:


Fine of RM25.00


II          Library Fines for Overdues, Lost and Mutilated Items:

Students and staff are fined for overdue items. Fines are incurred on late returns (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays inclusive) of borrowed items, lost and damaged library materials. Fines are as follows:





Late Returns of Library materials



Reserve Collections (from 1st hour until 7th day)

RM0.50 per hour


Reserve Collections items overdue for more than 7 days will be considered lost

As per “Lost items”


Open shelf items (from 1st day until 30th day)

RM1.00 per day


Open shelf items overdue for more than

30 days will be considered lost

As per “Lost items”



Lost Items


Library materials from any collection reported as lost or not returned to the Library within stipulated time stated above

Minimum fine of RM60 for loss of library items

-  plus overdue fines

-  plus actual cost of replacing the item (price of item, freight charges, etc.)






Damaged items (repairable)

Cost of repair


Damaged items (beyond repair)

RM10.00 (processing charges) +

actual cost of replacing the item


Loss of Library membership card

RM 50.00 as replacement cost of card for external members.


          Notes on renewal of loans

This can be done online via Library Homepage, from “Your Loan Account”. Please refer to the Library Guide for Online Renewal instruction.


III         Serious Breach of Library Rules

A          Library Materials



Theft of Library Materials

Fines of RM200.00

Suspension of membership for at least one month

Reported to Sun-U, SCKL and SLCB Authorities for further disciplinary action.


Mutilation of Library Materials



(a) Repairable

Fine of RM50.00

Actual cost of book repairs

RM20.00 processing fee


(b) Non-Repairable


Fine of RM100.00

Actual cost of latest edition of a new copy of the book

RM50.00 processing fee

Reported to Sun-U, SCKL, and SLCB Authorities for further action.



IV         Non-Payment of Fines

Users must clear library fines as soon as they are incurred. Members whose arrears are in excess of RM100 may have their loans privileges temporarily suspended, until their fines are cleared.

Students’ fines that are not cleared will be deducted from deposits, at the end of every year or after they have completed or quit their course. Fines owed by staff will be deducted from their salaries when they leave.



The Library reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations from time to time.


Document No. WP/014

Issue 6

20 July 2021