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Reciprocal Borrowing Programme, Monash University Malaysia Library: Index Page


Reciprocal Borrowing Programme, Monash University Malaysia Library


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The Help Desk operates during the following hours:

Dates Mondays - Fridays Saturdays- Sundays Public Holidays
3 May - 31 July 2022 9.30am - 9.30pm 10.00am - 5.30pm 10.00am - 5.30pm

The Reciprocal Borrowing Programme allows students and staff of Sunway University and Sunway College KL, and Monash University Malaysia to register and borrow materials in person from each other's library, thereby improving their access to library materials.

  • Membership is open to only academic and administrative staff, and registered students of Sunway University and Sunway College KL, except external members, part-time research assistants and alumni.
  • No fees or deposits is required to participate in the program.

NOTE: Sunway reciprocal membership with the Library and Learning Commons, Monash University Malaysia has been temporarily CLOSED until further notice from the Management of Monash University Malaysia.

Category No. of books Loan period
Academic Staff 5 1 month
Administrative Staff 5 1 month
Students 5 2 weeks

Only two renewals will be allowed for reciprocal borrower loans.

Database access

Reciprocal members may have access to the selection of Monash University Malaysia subscribed online databases on site from a dedicated workstations. 


  • All memberships expire on 31 December of the given calendar year.
  • The duration of the reciprocal borrowing membership is for one [1] calendar year, i.e. January - December, regardless of when the application is approved.

 Fines of RM1 per book per day will be imposed for late returns of library materials.

 Additional Fines

 After 30 days, if the item is not returned, it is deemed lost, and the user will be suspended from borrowing and renewal   privileges. The user will be requested to pay fines as listed below. 

 The following fines will be imposed for lost items (either reported by the borrower or deemed lost as explained above)

  • A fine of RM60 for losing the book
  • Overdue fines
  • Actual cost of replacing the item (price of item, freight chargers)

 A bill will be sent to the borrower.

 Blocking and Privileges Withdrawal

 Sunway Campus Library will block delinquent users of Monash University Malaysia Library until all outstanding items/fines   have been paid.

 In cases of alleged breachers of behavioural requirements, Monash University may withdraw privileges extended to the   reciprocal member. Privileges may remain withdrawn until the matter has been resolved.  

 A clearance is affected when the user has resolved the matter for which they were suspended by returning overdue items and/or paying outstanding fines and associated charges, or resolving disciplinary breach.

 Clearance Standard

  • When user resolves suspension on Monday to Thursday, clearance will be affected within 24 hours.
  • When user resolves suspension on Friday to Sunday, clearance will be affected on the following Monday.

 Termination of Membership

 Termination of reciprocal borrowing membership will be affected upon:

  • A request for withdrawal of membership by the reciprocal borrower.
  • Expiry of reciprocal membership for more than 6 months.
  • Being informed by Sunway Campus Library of the withdrawal of students from Sunway University/Sunway College KL.
  • Resignation by or termination of employment of staff by Sunway University/Sunway College KL.

Document No. WP/091

Issue 3

18 May 2022