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How to Print Using iPhone/iPad: Index Page


Printing Using iPhone/iPad


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This is a basic guide on How to Print from your iPhone/iPad. You must be connected to 'SunwayEdu' WiFi to access Mobile Print Server.

  1. Use any web browser from iPhone/iPad for example Safari or Google Chrome.
  2. Open hyperlink .                                                                        
  3. Enter your network login ID and password. Click Log In                                                                                                                                    

1. You will be directed to ApeosWare Management Suite menu.

2. Select ‘Web Print’. 

3. Click on Browse to select the document file/s to be printed. 

(a) Select the output paper size to either A4 or A3.

(b) Change the number of copies to print

(c) Select 'Output Colour' to "Black & White" or "Color" print.

(d) Choose option 2 sided or 1 sided print.

4. Click on Print. 

5. Click on OK at Web Print Result.

6. Document will start printing. Repeat step 3 to print another file. When done with printing, click on Logout.


  1. Use any of the FujiXerox machines in the Library or ITS Lab. 
  2. Tap your card on the spot labeled “Tap your ID Card”. Make sure there is enough credit or fill up credit at the Top Up Machine in order to pay for the prints.

  1. Select ApeosWare Print icon from the screen.

4. The file name of the documents sent for printing will be displayed on the screen.

5. Check boxes for files to be printed. 

6. Click Print button to start printing. 

7. Logout after completing the print jobs. Tap on your name and choose Log Out.

Document No. WP/081

Issue 2

19 April 2021