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How to Use Library Services: Photocopy Documents: Main

How to Photocopy Documents

We created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve.

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1. Go to any printer in the Library.


2. You can load the documents to be photocopied either on the: 

a) Document Feeder

Remove all staples and paper slips before loading the documents (face up) into the document feeder.

b) Document Glass

Raise the Document Feeder and place the document face down on the Document Glass. 

Once the document is loaded on to the machine, you may login to photocopy the document 

Login Using Student Card

3. Tap your card on top of the pad labeled “Tap Your Card Here” which is on the left side of the machine.

Photocopy the document by using the touch screen: 

4. Once you have scanned your card, select Copy from the touch screen. 

5. Press the [Start] button to photocopy.

6. From the menu, select 2 Sided Copying.

7. Choose 2->2 Sided, Head to Head for copying double sided original to get double sided output. Tap the Save icon for printer at level Mezzanine.

8. To get double sided outputs from 1 sided originals, choose 1->2 Sided, Head to Head.

9. Press the Start button (as shown in step no.5) to photocopy. 

10. If you choose step no. 2b (Glass screen), the next screen will instruct you to place next original. Just flip the original document to the other page. Press Start to copy.



11. From the menu, select ID Card Copying. 

12. Select On button. Touch Ok for printers at B1 & G. Touch Save for printer at Mezzanine.

13. Place ID card according to step no. 2b.

14. Press the Start button and machine will scan front of ID card. Flip the ID card and place on same position. Press Start to complete photocopy job.

Document No. WL/052 

Issue 3 

16 July 2019 

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