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The Help Desk operates during the following hours:

Dates Mondays - Fridays Saturdays- Sundays Public Holidays
1 - 31 October 2021 9.30am - 9.30pm 10.00am - 5.30pm 10.00am - 5.30pm

The library is staffed by 31 professional, technical and other support staff. There are 19 graduate staff in the library, out of which 10 staff have obtained postgraduate qualifications.

Professional qualifications include postgraduate diplomas/degrees from Malaysia, Australia and UK. Staff are trained in all aspects of librarianship including automation, technical processing, reference and user education.


Wong Sook Jean
Chief Librarian (Overall Management, Accreditations)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 8245
+603-7491 8645


Dr. Janaki Sinnasamy
Deputy Chief Librarian
(ISO9001 Management Representative, Academic Research)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7072
+603-7491 8753






Tan Ley Yee
Head, Circulation (User Services, Loan Services)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7075
+603-7491 8642


Nur Aziahna Mohamed Azmi
Head, Acquisitions (Purchase of Books & Audio-Visuals)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7067
+603-7491 8644






Chan Yong Yee
Head, Technical Processing (Cataloguing & Processing of Library Materials)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7058



Zulkifli Samah
Head, Automation Development (Library Systems, Online Access, Hardware & Software)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7053






Goh Wei Haan
Head, Reference (Orientation, Info Skills)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7056



Yamunaa Rengasamy
Head, Administration and Finance (Facilities, Finance, Staff Matters)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7070







Rashidah Alimat
Senior Librarian, Reference (Help Desk, Library Publications)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7337



Fuad Mohd Yusoff
Librarian, Chief Librarian's Office (Purchase of Journals & E-Databases)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7063







Nor Syazlina Abd Wahab
Librarian, Acquisitions (Reading Lists, Textbooks)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7066



Anusha Krishnan
Librarian, Reference (Document Delivery)

+603-7491 8622 ext. 7054


Document No. WP/004 

Issue 4 

16 July 2021