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This guides provides a list of commonly asked questions. You may find your answer here.

A-Z Databases
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  Library Catalogue
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  E-Textbooks (VitalSource)  
Proquest Dissertations & Theses
  Reading Lists  (Restricted to Sunway Campus Staff and Students)
  Past Year Exam Papers  (Restricted to Sunway Campus Staff and Students)

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  Library Information Guide

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Within the Campus and Off Campus

    1. Go to Library Homepage
    2. Click on "A-Z Databases" under "Resources".
    3. The default page lists all the databases by title arranged in alphabetical order. You may also view the databases according to "Subject" and "Type" by             clicking on the "All Subjects" or "All Databases Types" tabs.
    4. To access a database, click on its title.
    5. Login is using the username and password below:
            User ID: for students - Student ID; For staff - staff card serial number.
            Password: PIN (default 1234 if you have not changed).

    Note: Some e-databases may require specific username to login (see Q2).

From the A-Z Databases  page, the databases that require password are marked with "P". Click on the "P" to get the relevant passwords.

Access restrictions are listed below:

E-databases subscribed by Sunway Campus Library Victoria University Library (Australia) Lancaster University Library (UK)
Access given to: Sunway Campus Library registered members For VU Students & Staff Only For staff and student of Sunway University programmes validated by Lancaster University.
Available access: In campus and off campus In campus and off campus In campus and off campus
Username login: See Q1 Request for ID & Pin from Victoria University, See Q6 Request for relevant username and password from Lancaster University. See Q7

Sunway Campus Library (Library) provides two locations for accessing e-journals.

        a. Throuugh A-Z Databases. A-Z databases contain the index and full-text of 50,000 journals. See Q2.
        b. Through A-to-Z List of E-Journals. A-to-Z List of E-journals lists all e-journals subscribed by the Library or available in the Library's e-databases and free e-journals available from the Internet.

        Within the Campus and Off Campus:
        1. Go to Library Homepage.
        2. Click on "A to Z List of E-Journals" under "Resources".
        3. Key in the title you wish to access.
        4. The journal title is displayed.
        5. Click on the database name in which the journal is found.
        6. Login in using the username and password as below:
                User ID : Student ID or staff card serial number
                Password : PIN (default 1234 if you have not changed)
                ° ◦Some e-journals will require additional passwords. Click on the message that says "Click here for username and password".

Only Victoria University students and staff can access these resources. Go to Victoria University Library. Under the “Find…” box, click on the ‘eJournals A to Z’ link and search the journals by title or subject.

About 1-2 weeks after registration, the Australian University Programme will inform students of their Victoria University ID and how to set their PIN.

Go to

Please refer to Lancaster's E-Resources: User guide


Only students and staff of programmes validated by Lancaster University are eligible to a Lancaster Library Login ID: -

Students: The Lancaster Login ID will be sent to your imail account at the end of first semester or the beginning of 2nd semester. As such you do not need to apply for it.

Staff: Apply for an account through your Faculty Manager.

Go to Online Password Change and follow the instruction.

In the WebLogin page, click on Forgotten Password, type in your imail account. You will receive your temporary password immediately and follow the instruction to reset the password.


A Search Engine that searches all materials such as books, article journals, audiovisuals and more in one single search. Limiters are applied to limit results to items in the Library, or the search can be broadened to include Internet resources by unticking "Available in the Library".

Registered students and staff of the Sunway Main Campus, Sunway Colege Johor Bahru and Sunway College Ipoh. Guest account with limited access is also provided.

    a) Go to Library Homepage .

    b) In the search box, type the search term.

To obtain full access you need to type in your User ID and PIN number in the authentication screen, you need to click on "Hello, Gues. Login for full acess." as shown in the screen below:


Yes. You may scan the QR code above.


It is the Library's online catalogue where you can:-

    i. Check what library materials are available in the Library (printed and electronic books and journals, databases, audiovisual materials and computer               files)
    ii. Check your loan record
    iii. Renew loan of library materials online
    iv. Reserve library materials online
    v. Access e-journals and e-books

    i. Go to Library Homepage
    ii. Click on Library Catalogue under Resources

    i. Books are arranged alphanumerically by the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.
    ii. See our Arrangement of Library Collection brochure.


You may photocopy using any of the four printers in the Printing Room located on Level B1 (Basement), Levels G and M. A vendor operated photocopying service is available at an outlet in the cafeteria in the Sunway College Building.

You may use Collaborative Zone 1 and Collaborative Zone 2 which are located on the Mezzanine and Basement respectively. See Floor Plan .

There are 5 Group Project Pods (10 seats each) that can be reserved online for group project work. These pods are equipped with smart TVs. See Group Project Pods .

There is no café in the Library. However, vending machines are available in the Drink & Phone area .

The Mezzanine Level will be open for extended hours. See Opening Hours .

Yes, you can do so on the PCs located on Level G and Level B1.

See Floor Plans .

115 PCs. You must have a network account to login.

Only Sunway students and staff.

Yes, wireless Internet access available throughout the Library.

Yes, the library has various emergency exit doors on all Levels. See Floor Plans .

Yes, the Library is monitored by CCTV cameras to deter theft and other unwanted incidents.

It is located on Level B1. See Floor Plans .


It depends on your category of membership. See Loan Eligibility

You can check out books at the Self-Checkout machine located on Level G, near the Service Counter. Audiovisual (AV) materials can also be checked out through the Self-Checkout machine in the Restricted Collections Room. You may use the device next to the Self-Checkout machine to unlock the casings of AV items.

    i. Look for "Your Loan Account" login box on the Library Homepage  to login into your account and renew items online.
    ii. Key in User ID-your library membership number (Student ID or staff card serial number and PIN (1234 by default, can be changed from "Your Loan  Account").
    iii. In "Your Loan Account", click on Renew.
    iv. Check the boxes of titles to be renewed.
    v. Click on Renew Selected Items.

5 renewals, provided no other user has placed a reservation.

You may reserve a book online if all copies are already on loan or or at the Service Counter on the Ground Level if not all copies are out on loan

Once the book you have reserved is available, you will be sent an email requesting you to collect the items at the Service Counter. You can also check Your Loan Account to see the status of your reservation.

For Students

Library membership is activated after you have activated your student card. Therefore please activate your card from the Sunway Student Portal called iZone. As for students enrolled in the Sunway Le Cordon Bleu programme, you need to fill in the registration form and submit your student card with completed form and 1 passport-sized photograph to the Service Counter.

For Staff

        1. Fill up the relevant Application Form.
        2. Go to the Service Counter on Level G with:
                ■Your Staff card
                ■One passport-sized photograph
                ■Application Form
        3. The Library membership will be processed on the spot.

You do not need to. The expiry date is the last day of your course.

Yes, since Monash University Malaysia is a separate institution. If you still wish to use the Sunway Campus Library, you need to fill in the Reciprocal Borrowing from Sunway University and Sunway College KL Library Form

No, you do not require a new membership application. The changes will be automatically updated in the system.

Overnight loans are available for Reserve Collection items which are normally loaned out for four hours. These items may be borrowed overnight and returned at the time stated below:

  Weekday Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
Loan Time After 4.30 p.m. After 11.30 a.m.
Return Time Before 9.30 a.m. on the next day the Library is open Before 9.30 a.m.on the next day the Library is open


    Possible reasons are as below:

        1. Book is wrongly shelved.
        2. The call number you have noted may not be correct. Please recheck SearchAll.
        3. Book could be on the sorting shelves on Level B1 (Basement Level).
        4. Book could be on display. Check the Exhibition area on Level G (Ground).
        5. Book could be at the Service Counter having just been returned by users.
        6. Book is currently in use or left on the tables by other users.

    Please fill in the "Problem in Locating Library Materials" form available in the shelf areas.


Plans of the three levels are available via the Homepage. See Floor Plans .

In the Reference Collection situated near Help Desk. See Floor Plan of Level B1 .

The HD to HG class shelves located on the Level B1. See Floor Plan of Level B1 .

On the Q-T class shelves located on the Level B1. See Floor Plan of Level B1 .

On Level UG. See Floor Plan of Level G .

For daily newspapers, you can read them on Level G, near the Library entrance. See Floor Plan of Level G .

To obtain previous issues, see our staff at the Service Counter on Level G.

You can browse audiovisual materials in the Restricted Collections Room on Level G adjacent to the Service Counter. See Floor Plan of Level G.

KM stands for Koleksi Malaysiana (Malaysiana Collection). This collection is located on the Level B1. See Floor Plan of Level B1 .

Go to Library Homepage . Click on Library catalogue under Resources. Click on Find it fast on the menu bar,and choose Storybooks. Otherwise search for specific authors or titles in the catalogue.

Go to Past Year Exam Papers. Choose your relevant course. Select the subject via the pull-down menu. Or go to Past exam papers for VU students.

On Library's Level B1. See Floor Plan of Level B1 .

These are essential texts that are loaned out for four hours or overnight after 4:30pm (weekdays) or 11:30am (weekends, public holiday).
These are found in the Restricted Collection Room, located adjacent to the Service Counter. See Floor Plan of Level G.


    i. From the screen display of the printer, select another tray for printing or photocopying.

    ii. If that does not work, inform the library staff at Help Desk Counter or Service Counter or any library staff that you can contact.

    i. Displayed on the screen panel will be information on which part of the printer is jammed. Follow the instructions given on the screen and remove the             jammed paper.

    ii. If that does not work, inform the library staff at Help Desk Counter or Service Counter or any library staff that you can contact.

    i. Activate your student card in iZone if you have not done so.

    ii. If have already activated your card, please wait 24 hours for the activation to be effective.

    iii. If you have activated your card some time ago and you see this error message, seek the help of ITS Helpdesk at Computer Lab Level 1, South                     Building or Computer Lab Level 2, West Wing, Sunway University Building.

    Check if your credit is enough to print your print job. Please top-up your credit at top-up machine beside the printer.

    i. The file may be too big. It needs a longer time for printing to work. Please wait for a while.

    ii. If after a wait of about 10 – 15 minutes and nothing is printed, claim your deducted credit from ITS Helpdesk at Computer Lab Level 1, South Building           or Computer Lab Level 2, West Wing, Sunway University Building.

    i. Press C button on the control panel, follow by the Log In/Out button to logout. If someone else wants to print, let him / her print first. Your document             may come out after they login. Wait awhile for the document to be printed.

    ii. f that does not work, inform the library staff at Help Desk Counter or Service Counter or any library staff that you can contact.

    Inform the library staff at Help Desk Counter or Service Counter or any library staff that you can contact.

    You can send print jobs from your smartphones/laptops by installing the necessary apps. Please refer to library guides such as How to Print Using Laptop ; How to Print Using iPhone/iPad ; How to Print Using Android Devices .

    i. Place your card on the top left corner of the platen glass, and close the document cover.

    ii. On the Services Home screen, select the Copy icon.

    iii. On the Output Format screen, select ID Card Copying to turn on.

    iv. Select Save.

    v. Press Start button.

    vi. Lift the document cover.

    vii. Place the second side of your card on the same area.

    viii. Press Start button.


You may also refer to the Library Guide How to photocopy documents . See the section How do I photocopy my ID.

    i. Put your paper on glass panel of printer.

    ii. Select Email on the Services Home.

    iii. Press Start button to start scanning process.


You may also refer to the Library Guide How to Scan Documents .

    i. At your PC, select Print.

    ii. Click on Printer Properties.

    iii. Under Page/output tab, select 2-sided print.

    i. At your PC, select Print.

    ii. Click on Printer Properties.

    iii. Under Page/output tab, select colour.

    Printing from USB at the printer has been disabled due to security issues. Please use any PC available in the campus to send your print job. You may         also do so from your smartphone or laptop.

    Do not print from a website or izone. You need to save your document in the PC. Once your document is in the PC, then send it for printing.

    Select another tray (tray no.3 or no.4) to print out your print job at printer setting.

    16.1 How to print documents from Blackboard/eLearn?

        i. Double-click the document

        ii. Save the document to the computer desktop by clicking on 1) File 2) Save As

        iii. Right click the saved document and select Open with….

            if the saved document is:-

                a) PDF - select Open with Adobe Acrobat

                b) Word - select Open with Word 2016

                a) Power Point - select Open with Power Point 2016

        iv. Print the document

            You may refer to any of the following guides for printing:

                How to Print Document

                How to Print Using Laptop

                How to Print Using iPhone/ipad

                How to Print Using Android Devices

    16.2 When I print the saved PDF document from the desktop, the printout is of smaller size!

        i. In the print menu, under Page Sizing & Handling, select Fit.

        ii. o get the print preview ‘fit’ the page, go to Printer, select to Fax and back to Follow-U.

        iii. The print preview should ‘fit’ the page now.

        iv. Click Print to print the document.

    16.3 Can I open the document in Blackboard/eLearn and print?

        i. No.

        ii. This will create formatting problems. The printout may be of smaller size compared to what you see on the PC screen.

Print a sheet on one page   

    i. Click on Print tab

    ii. Click on arrow symbol as shown below :

iii. A drop down menu is displayed. Select "Fit Sheet on One Page" to shrink the printout so that it fits on one page. There are other options such as No scaling, Fit all column on one page, Fit all rows on one page.

  iv. Click Print to print the document.



If your worksheet has a lot of columns, you may need to switch the page orientation from portrait to landscape.

To do this, go to Page Layout > Orientation, and click Landscape.

Document No. WP/022 

Issue 2 

3 April 2019