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Information Skills Sessions - Literature Search for Postgraduate Students

Duration: 2 hours

I. Contents

1. Introduction and explanation of handouts:

i. Opening Hours.

ii. My Account.

iii. E-Forms-Reciprocal Membership, Document Delivery, Suggest to Purchase a Book.

iv. ALLS.

vi. Citation Guides.

v. Reading List Database.

2. Search for print and ebooks

i. Explain features of SearchAll.

ii. Basic Search- Fixed Fields; Author, Title.

iii. Basic Search – Keyword.

iv. Advanced Search.

v. Boolean Operators.

3. Search for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

i. Refine search results using limiters.

ii. Refine further using Boolean operators.

iii. Modify searching techniques by using selected specific keywords identified in abstracts, keywords, and subjects from relevant articles.

4. E-Databases, A-Z List of Journals

i. Identify relevant E-databases.

ii. Know different types of e-databases such as Theses, E-Books, Videos, Reference, etc.

ii. Search in these databases using Basic and Advanced Search.

iii. Save / Export search results.

iv. Create alert services.

v. Search by Journal Title or Discipline.

vi. Search within the publication.

iv. Save / Export search results.

5. Internet / Other Sources

i. Search Google Scholar from Search All.

ii. Search Other Databases from widgets in Search All.

iii. Search Sunway Institutional Repository.

II. Learning Outcome

1. Students who are new to Sunway or who have graduated many years from Sunway will get to know and remember the facilities and services of the Library. Of particular importance to them are the Document Delivery Services, ALLS, and Citation Guides.

2. Students will recognise fixed fields such as Author, Title of Book, Book Chapter. This knowledge will help them to select needed resources quickly. When fixed field details are not known, students will learn to organize their search based on keywords and Boolean operators.

3. Students will learn to apply keywords and Boolean operators to extend their search for journal articles.  They would also learn why certain keywords are more relevant.

4. Students will learn to differentiate SearchAll, E-Databases, and A-Z List of Journals.  They would be able to compare and contrast the different features of the e-databases.

5. Students will be equipped with enough skills to collect information from a variety of sources.

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Document No. WL/076

Issue 1 

28 August 2020