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Copy of Subject Guide to Library Collections: Main

Subject Guide to Library Collections

 The collections of Sunway Campus Library are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. Below is a brief subject guide to help you locate materials in Sunway Campus Library


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Library of Congress Class numbers by Subject

Subject Class No.
Accounting HF5601 - 5689
Actuarial Science HG8779 - 8793
Aesthetics BH
Africa - History DT
Agriculture S
American - History (General) E
American Literature PS
Anatomy, Human  QM1 - 695
Animal Culture SF
Antropology GN
Archeology  CC
Architecture  NA
Art SEE Visual Arts   
Arts and crafts TT
Asia - History DS
Astronomy QB
Auditing HF5667 - 5668.25
Subject Class No.
Banks and banking HG1501 - 3550
Bible BS
Biography CT
Biochemistry QD415 - 436;
QP501 - 801
Biology, Natural History QH301 - 705.5
Biotechnology TP248.13 - 248.65
Book industries and trade Z116 - 659
Bridge engineering TG
Broadcasting PN1990 -1992.92
Buddhism BQ
Building construction TH
Business HF5001 - 6182.2
Business English PE1115
Business ethics HF5387 - 5387.5
Subject Class No.
Canada - History F1001 - 1145
Chemical technology TP
Chemistry QD
China - Civilization  DS721 - 727
Chinese language and literature PL1 - 8844
Christianity BR; BX
Cinematography TR845 - 899
Civil engineering (General) TA
Civilization CB
Commerce HF
Communication P87 - 96
Computers QA75.5 - 76.95
TK7885 - 7895
Computer networks TK5105.5 - TK5105.9
Cookery TX642 - 820
Criminology HV6001 - 7220.5
Subject Class No.
Decorative arts NK
Demography HB848 - 3697
Dentistry RK
Dermatology RL
Desgin NC
Dissertations, Academic LB2369
Dictionaries, English Language PE1620 - 1693
Directories AY
Drama PN1600 - 3307
Subject Class No.
East Asian languages and literatures PL
Economic development HD72 - 88
Economic history and conditions HC
Economic production HD
Economic theory HB1 - 848.6
Education (General) L
Education - History LA
Education - Theory and practice LB
Educational institutions - Individual LD - LG
Electronic engineering TK
Electronics TK7800 - 8360
Emigration and immigration JV
Encyclopedias (General) AE
Engineering (General) TA
English langauage PE1001 - 3279
English literature PR
Entertaining GT3410 - 3415
Environmental sciences GE
Environment techonology TD
Ethics BJ1 - 1725
Ethnic relations GN495.4 - 498
Etiquette BJ1801 - 2195
Europe - History DA - DR
Subject Class No.
Family HQ503 - 1064
Finance HG; HJ
Fine arts N
Fisheries SH
Folklore GR
Food service TX943 - 946.5
Forestry SD
French language PC2001 - 2693
French literature PQ
Subject Class No.
Geography (General) G
Geology QE
German language PC3001 - 3693
Graphic arts NC997 - 1003;
Gynecology and obstetrics RG
Subject Class No.
Highway engineering TE
Hinduism BL1100 - 1295
History (General) D
Home economics TX
Hospitality industry TX901 - 946.5
Human anatomy QM
Human ecology GF
Hydraulic engineering TC
Subject Class No.
India - Civilization  DS423 - 428.2
Indo-Iranian philology and literature PK
Industries HD28 - 9999
Information resources ZA
Information technology HC79.155;
T58.5 - 58.64
Interior decoration NK1700 - 3505;
TX311 - 317
Internal medicine RC
International relations JZ
Islam BP
Islamic civilization DS36.85 - 36.86;
Subject Class No.
Journalism PN4699 - 5650
Subject Class No.
Labor HD4801 - 8943
Languages PA - PM
Latin America - History F1201 - 3799
Law K
Law - Asia KM - KPZ
Law - Australia KU
Law - Europe KJ
Law - Malaysia KPG
Law - Pacific Area KU - KWW
Law - United Kingdom KD
Law - United States KF
Leisure GV
Library science Z664 - 718.8
Life sciences QH
Literature (General) PN
Logic BC
Subject Class No.
Malay language and literature PL5101 - 5139
Malaysia - History DS591 - 599
Mass media P87 - 96
Management HD28 - 70
Manners and customs GT
Manufactures TS
Marketing HF5410 - 5417.5
Mathematical geography GA1 - 1779
Mathematics QA
Mechanical engineering TJ
Medicine R
Microbiology QR
Military Science U
Mining engineering TN
Modern languages PB
Multimedia (Art) N6494.M78;
Multimedia systems QA76.575
Museums AM
Music M
Subject Class No.
Naval Science V
Newspapers AN
Nuclear engineering TK9001 - 9401
Nursing RT1 - 120
Nutrition TX341 - 641
Subject Class No.
Occult sciences BF1404 - 1999
Ocean engineering TC
Oceania - History DU
Oceanography GC
Ophthalmology  RE
Oratory PN4001 - 4355
Oriental languages and literature PJ
Otorhinolaryngology  RF
Subject Class No.
Painting ND
Parapsychology BF1001 - 1389
Pathology RB
Pediatrics RJ
Performing arts PN1560 - 1590
Pharmacology RM
Pharmacy RS
Philosophy (General) B
Philosophy, Speculative BD
Photography TR
Physical geography GB
Physics QC
Physiology QP
Plant culture SB
Poetry PN1010 - 1525
Political institutions and administration JF - JQ
Political science J
Political science (General) JA
Political theory JC
Print media NE
Programming languages QA76.7
Prose PN3311 - 3503
Public administration JF - JQ
Public finance HJ
Psychology BF1 - 990;
RC435 - 489
Subject Class No.
Race GN269 - 279
Railroad engineering TF
Recreation GV
Religions BL
Romance philology PC
Subject Class No.
Science Q
Sculpture NB
Social history and conditions HN
Social pathology HV
Social problems HN1 - 991
Social sciences (General) H
Socialism, Communism HX
Societies HS
Sociology HM401 - 1281
Special events management GT3403 - 3406
Statistics HA
Study Skills LB2395
Surgery RD
Subject Class No.
Taxation HJ2240 - 5908
Technical English T11
Technology T
Theater PN2000 - 3299
Theology BT; BV
Thesauri AG105
Tourism G154.9 - 155.8
Transportation and communications HE
Travel (General) G149 - 180
Subject Class No.
United States - History E151 - 904; F
Subject Class No.
Visual arts (General) N
Subject Class No.
Women HQ1101 - 2037.7
Word processing Z52 -52.5
Subject Class No.
Yearbooks AY
Subject Class No.
Zoology QL

Document No.

Document No. WL/004 

Issue 3 

18 October 2019 

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