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How to Scan Documents: Index Page


How to Scan Documents


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The Help Desk operates during the following hours:

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3 May - 31 July 2022 9.30am - 9.30pm 10.00am - 5.30pm 10.00am - 5.30pm

1. Use any of the printers in the Library.

FujiXerox machines are also available at 

  1. IT Learning Labs, Level 1 - South West Building, 
  1. IT Learning Labs, Level 2 – Sunway University West Building,
  1. IT Learning Labs, Level 2 – Sunway University East Building

2. You can load the documents to be scanned either on the:

a) Document Feeder

Remove all staples and paper slips before loading the documents (face up) into the document feeder 

b) Document Glass

Raise the Document Feeder and place the document face down on the Document Glass. 

Once the document is loaded into the machine, you may login to scan the document.

Login Using Student Card:

  1. Tap your card on top of the pad labelled “Tap Your ID Card” which is on the left side of the machine.

Scan the document by using the touch screen: 

  1. Once you have scanned your card, select Email from the touch screen. 

  1. The scan menu appears. Select the desired outputs like Color Scanning, 2 Sided Scanning (Head to Head) turn on Preview and more.

  1. Press the Start button to scan the document.

  1. The following screen appears. However, if you have another document to load., select "Next Original" button from the screen and then place your document face down on document glass. Press the Start button from the touch screen to begin the scanning. Press Send (Last Original) to complete the job.

  1. You may log out from the machine by tapping Log Out on your name at the top left of the screen. 

Things to do before using the scanning facility:

i. You need to activate your student card from the student portal called iZone.

ii. Although there will be no charges for scanning the documents, you must have at least RM0.10 in your account. 

iii. Use the Pay-Station either in the Printing Room, Library B1 or Computer Labs in IT Services to put in at least RM5 in your account. 

Document No. WP/057

Issue 3

19 April 2021