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How to Use Library Services: Print Documents: Home


We created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve.

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Steps to Print Documents

1. Login to a networked computer or PC by using the student ID on your student card. (Later use this student card to login to the machine for printing). 

2. If your document is in Word, open the document in Microsoft Word.

3. In the Word document, click on File which is located on the top left hand side.

4. Select Print. 

5. Click on the Print icon. Note that the printer displays “Follow-U Print”. 

6. The following Print Assistant dialog box appear after a few seconds. 

7. Click on Accept button.

8. Go to the Printing Room in Library Level B1 to launch your print job. 

You need to login at the machine to print out the document. 

Login Using Student Card: 

1. In the Printing Room, select one machine. 

2. Tap your card on top of the pad labelled “Tap Your Card Here” which is on the right side of the machine. 

Print the document by using touch screen: 

1. Select Follow-You Print icon from the screen.

2. The file name is displayed on the screen. 

3. Select Print button to start. 

If more than one filename is displayed, select your file by tapping each one, and then tapping on the Print button. 


If you have problems printing documents, or require more information, contact the following library staff:

1. Help Desk Tel: 74918622 ext. 7050/7051

2. Reference Division Tel: 74918622 ext.7054/7055/7056

3. Service Counter Tel: 74918622 ext. 7073


Web Library Guide No. 51

Document No. WL/051

Issue 1

16 August 2016