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How to Print Documents: Index Page


How to Print Documents


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1. Login to a networked computer or PC by using the student ID on your student card. (Later use this student card to login to the machine for printing). 

2. If your document is in Word, open the document in Microsoft Word. If the document is in pdf, open using Adobe Reader.

3. In the Word document, click on File which is located on the top left hand side.

4. Select Print for MS Word. For Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the print icon.

5. Click on the Print icon. 

(a) Note that the printer displays “AWMS2-Follow-U Print”. 

(b) Make sure the paper size is set for either A4 or A3 since the printer only had those sizes.

(c) The default print output is Black and White prints. If you decide to print in colour, click "Printer Properties" and change the output to "Color". Then click "OK".

6. The following "Print Details" dialog box appears after a few seconds.

7. Click on Print button.

8. A pop out box with the message "Print Complete" appears. Click Close.

You need to login at a printer to print out the document. 

Login Using Student Card: 

1. Use any of the printers in the Library.

2. Tap your card on top of the pad labelled “Tap your ID card” which is on the right side of the machine.


Print the document by using touch screen: 

3. Select "ApeosWare Print" icon from the screen.

4. The file name is displayed on "Print On Demand" list. Tap on box for checkmarks to select files for printing.

5. Click on "Print" button to start. 

6. Collect the printed documents under the FujiXerox machines or at the side trays after the print jobs complete.

  Document No. WP/058 

Issue 2 

30 March 2021