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How to Find: A Simple Guide to Finding Materials in the Library: Home


This is a simple guide to finding materials in the Library. You may go to library homepage and use various resource locators such as Library Catalogue, E-Databases, SearchAll and A-to-Z List of E-Journals to find materials for your research.

Downloadable Guide

How do I find information on a certain topic?

Benefits of E-commerce?

Step 1

a) Start by listing concepts and ideas. (e.g. E-commerce, Internet Marketing, E-Marketing)

Step 2

a) Look up Encyclopedias and Dictionaries to understand the subject. e.g. Credo Academic Core or Encyclopedia Britannica.

b) Go to:

Step 3

a) Search for materials in the Library. Go to the Library Homepage at:

b) Search the resource locators listed under E-Resources.

i) Library Catalogue: Search for books, journals, audiovisual materials.

ii) E-Databases: Browse by titles, types or subjects of databases to search.

iii) SearchAll: All-in-on search for books, journals, articles, audiovisual and more.

iv) A-to-Z List of E-Journals: Search for journal titles with access to full-text.

Step 4

a) Search for information from the Internet.

b) Refer to: Finding Information on the Internet:

Step 5

a) Use references in books and articles to get more materials.

Step 6

a) Is the information sufficient to write your assignment?

i) YES? - Start writing your assignment.

ii) NO? - Consult the Help Desk Librarian or Reference Division near the Help Desk.


If you have problems with your research, or require more information, contact the following library staff:

1. Help Desk Tel: 74918622 ext. 7050/7051

2. Reference Division Tel: 74918622 ext.7054/7055/7056

3. Service Counter Tel: 74918622 ext. 7073


Web Library Guide No. 8

Document No. WL/008

Issue 1

12 August 2016

Questions and Feedback: email to or Call 03-74918622 ext. 7050.
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